Watercolor Treatment

Sometimes I can’t explain what it is about a picture that I like.

There’s no obvious subject in these frames. The pond was the most appealing layer in both shots and it made me wonder what the images would look like if they were paintings so I used the Waterlogue app to satisfy my curiosity.

Original pictures below.


12 replies to “Watercolor Treatment

    1. First ❄️ wow! That does sound early! I hope it was a good day regardless. My husband found some old spoken word Halloween children’s stories on vinyl from the 60’s. We listened to them tonight. It was fun. Remember the old records schools would sometimes play for us? I remember listening to Peter and the Wolf at school. I loved hearing that story.

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      1. Oh, that brings back memories. When I was a boy, I received a record (vinyl) with a series of ghost stories and Alfred Hitchcock hosted it. I played it hundreds of times and still recall a couple of the stories. It sounds like you had a great evening. Could your daughter relate to stories on vinyl?

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      2. Hitchcock! What a treasure! Do you still have the record? I had a Swan Lake album that I wish I had held onto from childhood. Oliva wasn’t really into the stories. She mostly played with the puppy while listening. I hope you enjoyed a nice Halloween Chris!

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