Tree Tops

Remember the oak tree at sunset post? We found a trail up to the top of the ridge where the oak trees are. Discovered some pretty views.


19 replies to “Tree Tops

    1. Thank you Mike! This perspective helped me recognize the diverse foliage around us. Happy to have found this trail. The oaks are overrun with Starlings, btw! It was a bit like a Hitchcock movie hearing them carry on overhead!

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      1. I think you should try! Maybe you can cash in! ABE is a lifestyle not a brand. I’ll head up marketing for you. T-shirts, bumper stickers, we can partner with REI! 😄

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    1. This area is hilly. So many people ride road bikes out here. We see them peddling painfully slow up up up the steep slopes and they speed like jet planes on the downside. Can be treacherous to drive alongside them on the crooked two lane highway. Take good care friend


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