I dusted off my short lens to see if I could capture some new perspectives at my usual haunts. More shots to come. If you look off to the right of the trail in this image you’ll find the puddle from yesterday’s post. If you look even further in the distance you may be able to see the progress on the housing development at the top of the nature preserve.


13 replies to “Perspective

  1. Cool perspective, Sandra. I like to shoot with a wide angle lens, too. I shot hundreds of them. And one day I recognized that an element created a boost to my liking. Shooting low, like you did. And having a foreground element. Looking forward to your compositions. Enjoy the wider view. Happy days and stay safe. Reinhold

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    1. Thank you Reinhold! I love your photography. This wider view is a nice change. I’m enjoying working with this lens that has been collecting dust until recently. You stay safe too and give Boomer a smile for me. 🐶


    1. Thank you Ashley! I really am enjoying the cooler weather! Was giddy putting on my winter coat for the first time today. I hope you’re doing well and are able to make time for creativity. Take good care

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    1. 😔 I agree John. I’m hoping the rain system spins in your direction soon! I’m telling the clouds to visit you and Wilson but they’re not listening. apparently they’re doing their own thing. ⛈😉🌦


      1. That’s a useful range. That’s what I’m trying to get more experience with in these latest pictures. The one lens that I use most is my 50-250mm. Helps me reach feathered subjects that would otherwise fly away. 😆

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