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Eucalyptus Trees

I like the way these gnarly old eucalyptus trees fan out along the trail.

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      1. What a sweet story! I wasn’t familiar so I googled it. The illustration on the cover is beautiful. I love the concept of visiting various lands.


  1. This photo is brilliant. It looks like the trees are in some sort of slow dance! There are a few Eucalyptus trees in this part of the world too but I’ve not seen any like this. I will check through some of my old photos and post to you! 😘

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    1. I see that too Ashley! Do you remember the old images of synchronized swimming routines? These trees look like they’re doing a similar routine. I read that eucalyptus trees are not native to this area. They were brought over in the 1800’s. They appear to be well established and comfortable here! Would love to see yours too if you are able to find a picture. 🥰

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      1. Eucalyptus are native to Australia, I think! You’ve not seen any koala bears, have you? I had a quick look through some recent pictures but could not find them. I know the location here of the eucalyptus trees so might have to make a return trip. The photo I turned to was of a Myrtle tree which is not dissimilar, so I will post something on your contact page later. Can you access Flickr? 🥰😘

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      2. Yes, I should be able to access Flickr. thank you for testing my contact page for me! I’m wondering if it’s down. Had a missed connection recently but two other successful exchanges. So I’m not sure if it’s sporadic or systemic. Thank you Ashley! 😘❤️🌳

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