Wispy Cloudy Moon

I was making coffee before sunrise yesterday when I saw the moon outside the kitchen window. I struggled to capture it as it appeared. This was the best shot out of the bunch. It lacks the details I was hoping to share but I think the gist of the mood is here. Also posting a picture of the starry sky.


17 replies to “Wispy Cloudy Moon

      1. It does take some prep to get into that mindset, doesn’t it. I always have to give myself a little pep talk before heading out. You got this, Mark. I hope it’s going well.


  1. You must be an early riser! 🚀 Actually, that is quite a shot of the moon! I love the shape of the clouds like the moon is appearing out of a swirling cauldron! We had a big full moon last night which I only noticed when going to bed🥱.

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