Northern Harrier

Can’t tell if that’s a stick or a snake in it’s grip.

Adding this wider view so you can see it flying low over the field. Scanning for snacks.


20 replies to “Northern Harrier

  1. Awesome shot, Sandra. You really got a few good images. In the last one, it looks like you will be the prey. Yikes. I can’t tell it the object is a stick or a snake either. The mystery remains. Have a great day.

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    1. Thank you Chris! It was one of those instances where I was looking at one subject when I turned around and found this right behind me! He swirled around over head a few times it was awesome! I hope all is well. Take good care

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  2. What a fantastic bird! I would love to see a Harrier here! If this is a captive bird rather than a wild one then those cords I think are what are called ‘jesses’! They are used to keep the bird tied to the handler’s hand.

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    1. I need to research more on this Ashley. I wonder if handlers are conservationists. I didn’t see anyone else in the vicinity when I was out but I guess that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not a captive bird. It was stunning to see! I hope you’re doing well!

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      1. I’m always well when reading your warming posts! 😘 We do see harriers here but they are a rare sighting! We’re experiencing strong winds and rain at the moment. It is washing away the snow that came last night and early this morning. Sending my warmest hugs 🤗😘😘

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      2. You’re so kind😘 You experience lots of wet weather. That must be why it’s so lush and vibrant green out your way. Hopefully you can enjoy a break this weekend from the wind and rain. Regardless, stay warm dear friend!

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    1. Thank you Nancy! I’ve never seen one of these before either! I did gasp after holding my breath for so long in excitement and in trying to hold still for the shots. I was breathless but it was worth it to watch this amazing bird fly overhead . I hope you have a great weekend! Take good care


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