Red-Shouldered Hawk

Native Americans believe hawks are messengers urging their observers to clear their minds because a miracle is on the way.

Hawks are also considered to be capable of providing warnings of negative events to come.

Despite their potential to offer ominous warnings, hawks are highly regarded spirit guides in Native American culture.



20 replies to “Red-Shouldered Hawk

  1. I love all raptors, magnificent birds! This one has beautiful colouring! Thank you for sharing this, Sandra of the Birds. The Byrds were one of my favourite groups in the 60s. 🙏😘

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  2. Their featehrs have amazing patterns to them. I’ve been collecting the feathers that the turkeys occasionally leave behind in our yard because they have similar stripes and patterns. Have a great day, Sandra.

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      1. I did enjoy a nice break Chris! I thought Oliva was back to school today but turns out she has one more day of rest before school starts up again tomorrow. Glad to hear you’re doing well! Take good care

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