This is where I come to play with music, art supplies, and my Nikon. Sometimes I share stories. Mostly I enjoy connecting with you. If something here resonates with you do let me know. Your feedback encourages me to carry on. Followers have a special place in my heart; have a look around and please consider subscribing.



“This is what I want…words to become notes and conversations to be symphonies.”

-Tina Turner

66 thoughts on “About

  1. Glad to have come across your blog… btw, I love Tina Turner, she’s my border neighbor… 🙂 she still rules and rocks! 🙂 My very best and have a delicious week! Mélanie – Toulouse, France


  2. Hello Sandra..!
    Nice to e-meeting you and great words of your About..!
    Stay happy and live around my blog too… 😉


  3. How cool! I love your About page. In a recent WP Photo Challenge I had a pic very similar to this one, but the bike wasn’t mine. Just a beauty I’d passed on a street way down in Mexico. And I love the Mary Janes… 🙂


      1. Good witches and wizards are always welcome! You might be disappointed by my content if you lean more towards the dark arts though. 😉


  4. Your photo on your banner at the top of your blog, is that the Sandhills of Nebraska? No..wait..now I’m thinking it’s Colorado, San Luis valley and the sand hills? I like the photo very much. Thanks for stopping by!


    1. San Joaquin County foothills, California which does look more like Nebraska than what people imagine when they hear CA.Thank you for visiting and commenting!


  5. Hi Sandra, it could be that I am failing to find your posts in my Reader or that you haven’t posted in a while – but either way I am missing you! Hope all is well. Rachel


    1. Dear Lundygirl, so very sorry to have missed you! Thank you so much for your very kind reply. I am resolving to keep up this space in 2020. Fingers crossed we will see each other again more often! I hope all is well. Xo

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      1. I need to bone up on my Spanish, sis. High school and college were so long ago. I had the natural gift of verbal comprehension and pronunciation, but not so much on proper verb conjugation for the writing portion and getting great grades. But I let it slide too much. I think I know somebody who could help me there. 🙂


      2. I stink at verb conjugation too. West coast Frank and Dolores didn’t teach me either. So like you, it’s not my first language. I can stumble along ok in a pinch. My comprehension is a bit better than my speech. Que lastima 😉


      3. The comprehension came to me from watching a Spanish language station on TV while I was studying it in high school! Compra Goya beans! The commercials were big learning moments for me because the video was the same as English stations but the audio was in Spanish. I wanted to go to the Payless zappaparia. 🙂 You had to have an advantage with West Coast Frank and Dolores, sis. Maybe not, though. I have retained zero Polish from East Coast Frank and Dolores.


  6. Hi, Sandra, so glad to meet you via that guy right there ↑ and his very inspiring blogger nomination. Any friend…relative…of Mark’s is a friend of mine 😀 I look forward to reading more from you!


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