I make pictures and enjoy sharing them with you.

The Single Blade of Grass

Be like the single blade of grass. For she too, has been trampled on, mowed down, and hit with such bitterly cold stretches that she had to shut down to survive. Yet still she stands upright with dignity, knowing that she endures, and still she dances with the wind. –Sandra Kring I took this picture […]


Come Again Another Day

Hey Rain, How’s it going? It’s been too long. You’re looking good. Working out lately? I really missed you. I didn’t appreciate you when you were around. For that I am sorry. I took you for granted. I know you’ve been spending all your time with that tart on the east coast but I think […]


WANTED: Reliable Pick Up

Weekly Photo Challenge, 3rd Entry: Object All too soon will childhood gay realize life’s sober sadness. Let’s be merry while we may, innocent and happy Fay! Elves were made for gladness! -Lewis Carroll WANTED Rugged, unassuming, vehicle capable of transporting as many as a troop of elves, gnomes, and dwarves who prefer to travel in […]


I Was a Villain

Weekly Photo Challenge, 2nd Entry: Object Everything is ceremony in the wild garden of childhood. -Pablo Neruda Dear Oliva, You should know, I was once a cub bear. Climbing trees with my sturdy paws, skillfully using my claws as needed. I was a villain with a diabolical plan and a sinister grin. I was a […]


Too Organic

Here’s what showed up in this week’s produce box: Begging the question, aren’t some things just a little too organic? These look like the same variety of ick that I’ve been removing from the yard this winter. It’s creepy the way they spring up out of nowhere in large numbers. This smug little guy is […]


Sweet and Sour Dreams

Had a weird dream. We decided to take a family vacation to China. That’s not the weird part. Well, it is if you consider that we don’t have the type of bank account that affords international jet setting. The part that didn’t sit well with me was sending the mister and Oliva by themselves. I […]