Deer Prudence

Prisma Watercolor Pencils

Dear Prudence let me see you smile

Dear Prudence like a little child

The clouds will be a daisy chain

So let me see you smile again

Dear Prudence won’t you let me see you smile?

-Lennon McCartney 1968

The Flea Hop

Perhaps the most familiar symbol of the 20s, the Flapper.

Prisma Watercolor Pencils

She bobbed her hair, smoke, drank and wore her hemline scandelously short. has this to say of the Roaring 20s:

“What many young people wanted to do was dance: the Charleston, the cake walk, the black bottom, the flea hop. Jazz bands played at dance halls like the Savoy in New York City and the Aragon in Chicago; radio stations and phonograph records (100 million of which were sold in 1927 alone) carried their tunes to listeners across the nation. Some older people objected to jazz music’s “vulgarity” and “depravity” (and the “moral disasters” it supposedly inspired), but many in the younger generation loved the freedom they felt on the dance floor.”

Colorful and Happy

My best friend invited me to her house on her 8th birthday. After eating ice cream cake she plugged in her suitcase turn table and we danced to She’s So Unusual. I envied her Hello Kitty binder with matching paper but most of all that Cyndi Lauper album. I wanted to live inside Cyndi’s warm accepting 80’s world. I remember the 80’s as a cold conservative time. But Cyndi was colorful and happy.  Her music made me feel like it’s gonna be ok. 

This is her Twitter profile pic. I pasted it into my art journal for inspiration.

She’s had her struggles, “on my darkest days I wear my brightest colors.” After all this time she continues to forge ahead in her own colorful way. She’s truly a star.


Stood on the edge of the rocky sea cliff. A carpet of florescent pink ice plant at her feet. Salty sea air tossled her hair and cleared her mind. Lightening her heart.20171229_095217549266818.jpg

Green Eyes

Staedtler Watercolor Pencils