A Little East Coast Swing


I found this aluminum trinket to liven up the kitchen. I wanted to share it with you with a thoughtful quote or lyric of some sort. So I searched for “heart quotes” and turned up lots of Barracuda, Crazy on You, What About Love references. Not exactly what I had in mind, although I do like Ann and Nancy Wilson just fine. But I digress.


I got more specific with my keywords, “quotes about the heart” I had to take a screen shot to share:

Processed with RookieYep, that’s Boyz II Men sandwiched logically between Dostoyevsky and Hawthorne. Of course I went with the obvious choice:

You just don’t understand how much I love you do you? I’m here for you.

-End of the Road, Boys II Men

Do you have a favorite 90’s hip hop song? Do you find creative inspiration from literature or music?