The Girl Who Drank The Moon by Kelly Barnhill

“She was eleven, after all. She was both even and odd. She was ready to be many things at once—child, grown-up, poet, engineer, botanist, dragon. The list went on.”

I love magical realism, coming of age novels, fairytales, poetry. If you do too here’s a must read. I enjoyed every bit of it.


Square One

Sharing my favorite song from Highway Companion to close out the week.

Take good care all!

At Last

Wheatland, California

That Friday feeling.

Purple Paint

Night is a curious child, wandering
Between earth and sky, creeping
In windows and doors, daubing
The entire neighborhood
With purple paint.

Frank Marshall Davis

A Man and his Owl

A discarded children’s book I came upon. The cover promised amusement but I’m not so sure.

Maybe you had to be there.