The Succulent Sea

Mixed Media

Near the succulent sea

She splashed and sang

She was free

Southern Accents

Southern Accents

Missing this man today. I need to tuck this song away in a sacred space, somewhere where I can find it and return to it as needed. Sharing it with you somehow feels like the right thing to do.

I heard Tom Petty talk about his mom once in a documentary. It was so obvious how much he loved her. I think this song is such a beautiful tribute. Although the content is so painfully intimate the universal theme is love.


Mixed Media

Audrey listens to 70s punk on an old turn table. She likes the velvety crackle of the needle in the groove. Reminds her of rowdy days gone by when she didn’t always have to dress like a lady.

Look Up

Look up, always. Look back, never.

Karen Quan


Alcohol Markers

Caroline sips black coffee from her favorite mug. The one that’s chipped but you can still make out the saying, “carpe diem, bitches!”