We Congregate and Loiter

“Maybe ever’body in the whole damn world is scared of each other.” -John Steinbeck, Of Mice and Men

I started my blog with WordPress and felt like I was clapping with one hand for a long time.

Oh hey, what’s up?

Then one day a friendly kindred took a chance and hit the follow button.

bla bla…music bla bla…clowns bla bla…punchline…

Then another kind soul joined us. Pretty soon I wasn’t talking to myself but I was chatting with other like minded people.

We congregate around words and loiter among pictures. And rather like it!

I became a part of a gang. Not a thugish lot more of a collection of odd balls, think high school chess club minus the steroids. What’s that? Your chess club wasn’t on the juice? Ok, forget it. Bad analogy. I’m missing the point. Refocus. Let’s try another quote, shall we?

“Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art…It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things which give value to survival.” -C.S. Lewis

and one more to make up for the steroids tangent:

“I no doubt deserved my enemies, but I don’t believe I deserved my friends.” -Walt Whitman

If you’re reading this, you’re a subscriber which means you’re a friend. Thank you sweet pal!




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Friendship: A Comic

This week Suzie81 Speaks of Friendship. To which I say, friendship is for the birds.


Like this one who greeted me yesterday morning as I was brewing a pot of coffee. How birds learn to fly is beyond my feeble reasoning skills. I prefer to imagine that each bird pairs off with a cherub. Something that looks like this maybe:


Hello little cherub! Aren’t you the cutest little star?! Cherubs have wings you know. As seen here:


What does this have to do with friendship, you ask? Only everything. Because the cherub teaches the finch to fly and in exchange the finch teaches the cherub to sing the most beautiful songs. It’s a give and take kind of relationship.

What’s that? Sounds dicey, you say? Ok. Let me think some more about it and have another go at it later this week. Look for more to come on friendship.




“What is Love?”-Suzie

This week Suzie81 Speaks of love. More specifically she has asked everyone to share their interpretation of what love is. A concept as abstract as this can only be told through illustrations, says me, the simpleton.

A Social Story On Love


This is Charlie.


And this is Hazel. Two lonely souls searching for companionship, someone to share inside jokes with, a karaoke partner; because yes, love is a duet. Hazel looked to the sky one day and thought to herself “I’ve had my fill of girl’s night outs, sex in the city marathons on TBS, single serving coffee in the morning. I want to find my other half.”


Charlie spotted Hazel looking fetching in her purple overalls and pale pink undershirt. He thought to himself, “I’m so glad I went with the blazer today instead of my usual Butthole Surfers t-shirt. But what do I say? She’s beautiful! And deep in thought. Maybe she’s waiting for her boyfriend to show up?”


SCREECH! CRASH! BOOM! (enter love stage right)

Turns out Charlie was correct. Hazel was looking for her boyfriend. He didn’t know until their eyes met that she was waiting for him. They spent every waking moment together discovering all the ways they loved each other and wondered how they ever made it this far alone. Their next move was obvious.


Hazel traded in her single serving coffee machine for a drip coffee maker. The happy couple have been spotted around town singing Leather and Lace on the karaoke circuit downtown. Hazel decided her previous hunch was right on, love is a duet.


On Gardening and Goodbyes

My mom’s breathtaking hen and chicks. The frost claimed a lot of plant life this year; but my mom’s succulents are as beautiful as ever:

hens and chicks

In contrast, here’s what mine are looking like lately:

my hen n chick

Can anyone guess which picture depicts the hen and chicks that attempted to cross the road and landed in the hospital instead? Last rites will likely be given shortly. Say your goodbyes dear friends.

“Roads are no place for naive chickens dreaming of nirvana.”

-Shalom Auslander

Three Cousins: a comic

Three Cousins:

Foiled again!
Darn it, Tia! Did you tip off the media again?

In a secret society:

secret society
They will never recognize us in these disguises.

They try to dress similarly as other gangs/organizations do; signifying solidarity, membership, inclusion. But it’s hard sometimes because they’re still too young to dress themselves.

They have their own curious rituals when they interact:

curious rituals
If you catch the ball you lose.

And they enjoy the same kind of music:

punk rock
Kids nowadays with their blue jeans and their “Rock and Roll.”

The oldest are the two shot callers:

shot callers

But don’t let this sweet baby face fool you:

baby face no nap
I will hypnotize you with my gorgeous baby blue eyes. Hand me the candy and cash. You are getting very sleepy…

He might look innocent but his wrap sheet tells a different tale.