On Gardening and Goodbyes

My mom’s breathtaking hen and chicks. The frost claimed a lot of plant life this year; but my mom’s succulents are as beautiful as ever: In contrast, here’s what mine are looking like lately: Can anyone guess which picture depicts the hen and chicks that attempted to cross the road and landed in the hospital […]


Three Cousins: a comic

Three Cousins: In a secret society: They try to dress similarly as other gangs/organizations do; signifying solidarity, membership, inclusion. But it’s hard sometimes because they’re still too young to dress themselves. They have their own curious rituals when they interact: And they enjoy the same kind of music: The oldest are the two shot callers: […]


Meet Hello Kitty Cute Face

Head quarters just rang from deep in their secret bunker beneath the crooked tree. There’s an emergency! Approaching the scene is our heroine, Hello Kitty Super Cute Face with her trusty side kick Baby Marlo No Pants. The situation is dire. Can Hello Kitty Super Cute Face set things right? “No problemo,” says our protagonist! […]