Drum Roll Please

Meet my pal Natalie who does not have a blog but should. The poor kitten took a tumble recently, but her make-up is impeccable as seen above. She sent me this sweet selfie in support of my effort to promote self-compassion. I tried loading each entry in today’s post for you to see but was […]


Before He Became a Soldier

My Dad took a photography class in high school. This self portrait was one of his assignments. After my grandmother gifted it to me I showed it to him. He said it wasn’t very good and he remembered feeling awkward taking it. He doesn’t see what I see. I love this picture. I love that […]


Meet Hello Kitty Cute Face

Head quarters just rang from deep in their secret bunker beneath the crooked tree. There’s an emergency! Approaching the scene is our heroine, Hello Kitty Super Cute Face with her trusty side kick Baby Marlo No Pants. The situation is dire. Can Hello Kitty Super Cute Face set things right? “No problemo,” says our protagonist! […]