Southern Accents

Southern Accents

Missing this man today. I need to tuck this song away in a sacred space, somewhere where I can find it and return to it as needed. Sharing it with you somehow feels like the right thing to do.

I heard Tom Petty talk about his mom once in a documentary. It was so obvious how much he loved her. I think this song is such a beautiful tribute. Although the content is so painfully intimate the universal theme is love.

Colorful and Happy

My best friend invited me to her house on her 8th birthday. After eating ice cream cake she plugged in her suitcase turn table and we danced to She’s So Unusual. I envied her Hello Kitty binder with matching paper but most of all that Cyndi Lauper album. I wanted to live inside Cyndi’s warm accepting 80’s world. I remember the 80’s as a cold conservative time. But Cyndi was colorful and happy.  Her music made me feel like it’s gonna be ok. 

This is her Twitter profile pic. I pasted it into my art journal for inspiration.

She’s had her struggles, “on my darkest days I wear my brightest colors.” After all this time she continues to forge ahead in her own colorful way. She’s truly a star.

Near Crows Landing, California


Take the way home that leads back to Sullivan Street
Cross the water home through the town
Past the shadows that fall down wherever we meet
Pretty soon now I won’t come around

-Counting Crows, Sullivan Street

Top to bottom, August and Everything After, paints a picture of my home town when I was a girl wearing 2nd hand roller skates for the 1st time; flying down our sloped driveway at top speed wondering out loud how to stop. No helmet, no pads, 1980’s style. My dad shouted, “grab a tree!”

The album is one of my favorite collections of music. I heard it for the first time when I was out of state for school. The imagery made me homesick. It has nothing to do with the region of California where I grew up but it sounds like it to me. Isn’t that how we make music our own? Relating to it in some way, personalizing the message. Does music do this to you too? Do you have a favorite album?

After The Party

A close friend of mine recently had a party. Here’s what happened afterward. My heart breaks for her. But I’m glad she’s ok.

image“How do you know when to let go?”

If you wait too long, the universe takes control and things get messy.

She emerged from the pool and the spell was broken.

So was her left arm, her right eye was bloody and split wide open.

He had been inattentive so he asked, “what happened?”

She stopped holding her breath and said, “this isn’t working, it’s never gonna change.”

And that’s when she flew away.

She left to keep from falling apart completely.

It was clear she needed to tend to her own wounds.

She stopped waiting for him to take care of her.

“It’s love that leaves and breaks the seal of always thinking you would be

Real, happy and healthy, strong and calm, where does the good go?”

-Tegan and Sara