Square Sky

Santa Cruz, California 2017

Swim Little Star

It was a moonless night so I gave you my light. We held hands as the water rushed between our toes. The restless waves eventually pulled us apart as nature can be cruel. My light is yours to keep. Just shine on me from time to time, little star.

Let’s Get Away

Suzie81 Speaks: Travel

I rarely venture far from the shire so my travel album is rather thin. I leave the adventuring to you dear reader. So hop to it and do report back often with picture stories and updates, won’t you? But before you go, let me share a few of my wanderings with you.

Muir Woods


Like a magic beanstalk twisting up high into the sky, these redwoods congregate above the clouds, the tippy top likely looks down on the sun.

Big Basin


This redwood up ahead of Erik is just a baby compared to some.

Santa Cruz


I don’t know why this picture is pixilated in the sky portion. Bummer.


See that sail boat in the previous pic? You can pay to climb aboard and pretend you’re sailin’ away to key largo. Which is how we were able to get this perspective of the lighthouse.



Giant sequoias, flowery meadows, waterfalls, and mobs of people everywhere. Loaded down tour buses of sightseers makes this a congested place to navigate. Check it out on the off season.

American River


A day hike about 40 minutes from home and when we’re on the trail it feels like we’re worlds away.


main lobbyErik won a trip to Hawaii one year through his work. Just beautiful.

What about you dear reader? Do you like to travel? Where is your favorite destination? Do you pack flip flops, hiking boots, or fancy shoes for your vacations?