A Taste of History

Speaking of food… A call for submissions was made a few years ago by the Merced County Historical Society. My mom is a genealogy virtuoso who loves archiving stories of family history that usually involve food. Given that the organization was looking for contributors to share recipes for their publication: Cooking in Merced County A […]



Before we get to the tortillas, I just want to remind you of the Starbucks/itunes giveaway I’m hosting this week. See yesterday’s post for the details. And as always, thank you for keeping me company! Now let’s talk tortillas. I try to visit my mom and dad a couple times each month. They don’t live […]


Sweet Savory Bites

Oliva, You love visiting your grandparents. You delight in the simplest of pleasures reminding everyone to savor the small moments. Here’s what an ordinary visit usually consists of: Sweet Savory Bites: 1 cup bubbles with wand 1 batch of tortillas made by hand 2 art projects paints and crayons 1/2 mile hand-in-hand stroll 2 cups […]