Cake Bash

Happy 1st Birthday Baby Girl!

Renee of Evenfall Photography took these great pics. She was so easy and fun to work with!

You were just learning how to tottle around here in our backyard.

I love your chubby little legs in this shot.

Here it is…the moment pureed vegetables and fruit fell out of favor.

Can’t let that piece that fell on the dress go to waste.

I think you enjoyed yourself!

Maybe next year you’ll share some cake with mom and dad.

Love you!


5 replies to “Cake Bash

  1. Can’t believe she is 1! I first started reading your blog when she was in your tummy.

    She is so adorable, and the pictures are fantastic. Love the cake!


    1. Thanks Annie! Yeah, I can’t believe it’s been a year too! She’s walking now so it’s been harder to keep up with my blog buddies! I miss hearing how you are. I’ll try to catch up with you soon!


      1. Boy, I totally get it. I remember those days, when baby was toddling everywhere and into everything.
        I’ve had a harder time keeping up lately, too. Busy spring!


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