Pick the Flowers

Way back when I was a terrible teen I would get so excited to stumble on a poll or quiz in my Sassy magazine. Anyone remember that publication? Ever since WordPress included the “Add Poll” button I’ve been eager to try it but couldn’t think of how. Recently I was editing a picture when it hit me. Here’s my polling opportunity! So before I forget as posting ideas tend to vanish as quickly as they materialize, I thought I’d pin this one down.

These are all the same shot filtered through the app, Pic Grunger. I like the aging effects. I feel they add some nostalgia and texture to an otherwise flat image. What do you think? If you wouldn’t mind humoring me and trying out the polling feature it will give me an idea of how it works.

Cracked Crimson
Cracked Crimson


Aged Canvas
Aged Canvas
Pale Acid Wash
Pale Acid Wash

20 replies to “Pick the Flowers

    1. YM! I nearly forgot about that one! I can picture Wil Wheaton on the cover! Sheena, I am sure that you and I played pacman across from each other at the pizza place on Friday nights when we were kids. We are two peas you and me.


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