Creamy Tomato Soup


Making wishes in the rain: “I want…a pink pony!”

Hard to believe that last week at this time it was raining. When it’s cold and wet outside all I want to do is bake, cook, eat, repeat. The weatherman was right and we shot up into the 90s and we’ve been hanging out in that range for the past few days. Glad I got in one last batch of soup before the heat killed that craving. Do you have any go to raining day dishes or rituals? The soup hit the spot. Here’s my recipe:

Creamy Tomato Soup

1 can tomato soup (I tried Amy’s tomato bisque, it worked really well)

1 can cream of mushroom soup

1 cup of vegetable broth

1 green garlic bulb white part only, diced (or 2 cloves of regular garlic)

1 shallot minced

1 medium carrot diced

1 celery stalk diced

2 red potatoes diced

1 bunch of white beech mushrooms, remove the base of the cluster and coarsely chop

1 teaspoon sriracha

Salt and pepper to taste

Shredded parmesan and bacos/bacon to garnish


Here’s the best part: toss it all into a crock pot set to low and walk away. Dinner will be ready in 6-8 hours. I served this with a green salad and crusty sourdough bread. Oliva and Erik asked for the left overs the next day. Now you know why I’m writing it down. Have a great weekend! Looking forward to hearing all about it.


6 replies to “Creamy Tomato Soup

    1. It is tasty. If you give it a go let me know what you think. It is pretty remarkable how my mood improves with that little one around. Take good care this weekend if I don’t talk to you before then!


  1. It is still tomato soup weather here, Sandra. In fact, I had a can of vegetable soup when Karen and I got home from the baseball game tonight. Toledo beat Syracuse 2-1. Boo for us, but Beth will be happy. Series tied 1-1. Have a good weekend, friend.


  2. Mmmm. That sounds delicious. Mark is correct… it definitely is still tomato soup weather here in the 3-1-5. My mom made a wonderful sausage and tortellini soup last night. My tomato kick is on high.


    1. Yum! That sounds tasty! Is there anything better than homemade soup? I think not. Wish our soup season would have stayed awhile longer. Maybe next year. Take care Chris!


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