Do You Keep a Journal?

journalentryHere’s a peek at my Leuchtturm1917 journal and my Paper Mate Ink Joy gel pen. Why? Because I’m falling in love all over again with the practice of keeping a journal. How about you? Do you journal? Are you a snob about the pens and paper you use to jot down your thoughts? If so what are your preferred tools of the trade?


9 replies to “Do You Keep a Journal?

  1. Sandra! I think you got ten years younger. I love my Ink Joy, too. My problem is I buy too many cute journals to fill up and then I fill up a quarter before moving on to the next journal.

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  2. I love ink on paper, too, sis Sandra. Problem is, I can’t read my own handwriting after all these years of fast and furious note-taking at the scene with cheap pen and reporter’s pad. Sigh. I type on my keyboard very quickly for phone interviews, though.

    So glad to see you back and more beautiful than ever, Bialdez!

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    1. Hey bro! I can understand how that clark kent lifestyle demands the use of whatever is available on the scene. I just love the way a gel pen slides smoothly across a blank piece of paper. You’re so sweet hermano Bialdez! xoxo


  3. Welcome back! I’m using a dot grid notebook to keep a bullet journal. It’s part planner and part journal. It’s also low-stakes and doesn’t’ have a ton of room each day, so I don’t feel the pressure to write a ton!

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    1. Hello to you too, Beauty! I love dot journals! I attempted that system but I need more structure. Too much flexibility and I’m all over the map. Do you have a favorite paper/notebook and pen?


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