Colorful and Happy

My best friend invited me to her house on her 8th birthday. After eating ice cream cake she plugged in her suitcase turn table and we danced to She’s So Unusual. I envied her Hello Kitty binder with matching paper but most of all that Cyndi Lauper album. I wanted to live inside Cyndi’s warm accepting 80’s world. I remember the 80’s as a cold conservative time. But Cyndi was colorful and happy.Β  Her music made me feel like it’s gonna be ok.Β 

This is her Twitter profile pic. I pasted it into my art journal for inspiration.

She’s had her struggles, “on my darkest days I wear my brightest colors.” After all this time she continues to forge ahead in her own colorful way. She’s truly a star.


10 replies to “Colorful and Happy

  1. I graduated high school in 1981. I really have nothing good to say about the 80s. I did marry my 2nd husband in ’87 and had my youngest in ’89.
    I really dislike 80s music. Don’t get me started on Journey.
    Cyndi Lauper was different. She spoke out but said Girls Just Want to Have Fun! And Time After Time. She was all about women power. I only know her radio hits. I was raising kids in the 80s.
    She is a fantastic activist for LGBT issues.
    I love that you admired her and put her pic in your journal. I love the drawing btw.
    I really enjoyed your post. Obviously it brought back a lot of memories

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    1. This is such a thoughtful comment. Thank you so much. I really do adore her and I think she’s even more loveable as an advocate for others. She could easily “retire” and enjoy herself but instead she works hard for others who might not otherwise have a champion. She’s still my idol. Happy New Year to you!


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