Pastries, Stickers, and a Horse Fly

Started the day at Brissa & Co

Colorful and Tasty!

Erik had a Bavarian Creme Empanada. I had the Pan Dulce. Both were delicious. Remembered to take a photo when all that was left were the crumbs on my face. Sorry friends! Next time I’ll take extra pics to share with you.

This sticker behind a street sign made me smile.

Hi Squeeky!

This bumper sticker made me nod my head in agreement.

Good advice.

This fly made me curse for leaving the house without my macro lens.

Maybe it’s for the best. Does anyone really want to get in close with a horse fly?

Erik picked up a vase from Brissa and some freesias.

Brought some color into the kitchen.

That’s what’s new around here. Do you like pastries? Bumper stickers? Insects?


16 replies to “Pastries, Stickers, and a Horse Fly

  1. The fly looks like an ordinary house fly, yuck. Your kitchen looks great, love the vase! I totally agree with the bumper sticker! That squeeky kitty thing is cute! 😂

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  2. I do like pastries. My wife worked at a local bakery during college. The owner was from Germany and had learned from his father who was also a baker. And one of our favorite things about Paris were the pastries.Mmmm, I’m getting hungry just typing. 😀

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      1. Sounds great! I do have a wish list going: the forest, the lobster traps in the water, the boathouse that’s popular with the painters. If we can ever afford to retire, we would love to travel🤞

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    1. Thank you Rachel! ❤️ I had a sticker book in the 80s/90s. I agree, I don’t like them on my car but I love discovering a good bumper sticker on someone else’s. 🙃


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