Old Auburn Cemetery

Historic cemeteries make me wonder. How much land did they originally intend to utilize? What did the neighborhood look like when the cemetery was new? Do distant relatives visit regularly today?


Still and quiet. Although the train speeds by from time to time. And you can hear the hum of the bustling freeway.

The sound of birds chirping and fussing about draws your attention up to the tall old trees overhead but there’s also a few strays spread out on the grounds below.


Poor little lamb gone too soon.

Only 3 years old.

March 2020

14 replies to “Old Auburn Cemetery

  1. They did things with so much character back in those days, and I know it sounds creepy but I do like a wander occasionally through an old cemetery just to look at the sculptures and fine details. Lovely shadow shot of the bird, too 🙂

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  2. WOW! Every one of these are stunning! I especially love the bird and the tree ones. I also love visiting and photographing old cemeteries. There’s so much rich history there just waiting to be discovered. xo

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