COVID Birthday

My daughter had a bizarre birthday this year. But fortunately we are all healthy and together!

This is from her 4th birthday when she was into carousels and My Little Pony.

April 2015

Now she is into Billie Eilish and writing her own stories.

April 2020

26 replies to “COVID Birthday

  1. Time, she is a fast companion, Sandra. May you and Erik relish each tick of the clock with your darling Oliva. The years, so distinct with growth markers physically, intellectually and spiritually, somehow melt into a marvelous mishmash of individuality that will melt your heart each day. My Elisabeth celebrated an adulthood April virus birthday as well … different yet significant through our connections. Please send the Bialdez east coast wishes (and admiration of her music taste) to Oliva!

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  2. Happy Birthday to your daughter. I was chatting with someone this morning who just had her own COVID birthday. We will likely see a lot of them this year. They are a bit more subdued but as long as you’re all healthy, that’s the thing. Great photos. Have a good day. 😊

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      1. Yes. And I’m sure you are doing everything you can to make your daughter’s birthday special. Yay, it’s Friday. The workweek is over and the house cleaning is now done. Enjoy the nice weather there. Have some fun. 😊

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      1. A wonderful perspective Sandra. 🙏🏻 I’m just fine, been hibernating for a few days now aside of a needed trip to the pharmacy for refills. Good thing I’m a Home Body. 😬

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