Square One Notes

To the Rabbit Hole

Here’s a glimpse of what the weekend looked like:


No time to say hello goodbye I’m late I’m late I’m late! -The White Rabbit

Snapped this at the vineyard where Erik’s cousin exchanged vows. A beautifully rustic backdrop.


I wish I shot a picture of the roof from the inside. Slats of wood where you could see daylight peeking through. Good thing rain is an exotic notion around here and clearly wasn’t a consideration.image

Never mind the exit sign, this is us upon arrival.


Pausing for a quick family photo. I am so proud of hubby for taking this so seriously, without a peep from me. Can you believe his attire was more formal than the groom? I don’t know how to dress for weddings anymore. The trend is much more relaxed and casual it seems, “now you may high five the bride.”


Sparkling apple juice for the littlest lamb. Father daughter dance before my iphone pooped out on me for the night:


It occurred to me too late in the evening that there is such a thing as too much red wine and so I wasted half a day like so:


Ugh. Embarrassing. What’s wrong with me? Was there a bride and groom you ask? Yes they were very beautiful and happy. You will have to take my word for it as I wasn’t able to snap a decent shot from my perch at the bar. Yes I’m exaggerating. Honestly, I’m a cheap date. It only takes two glasses of wine to incapacitate me for half a day. Which brings me around to this week’s posts. I usually take a day to draft a week’s worth of notes. That didn’t happen as planned as I’m sure you can imagine. I will do my best to stick to my Monday-Friday posts but it might be difficult to pull off as I’m behind. I hope you all had a great weekend! Looking forward to catching up with you.



15 replies to “To the Rabbit Hole

  1. I think you three looked exactly like you should at a wedding. Very classy. I wouldn’t change a thing. Be glad your wine budget is much lower than mine. I drank too much wine at a wedding a few years ago and wound up in much worse shape than you (and lost a cardigan in the process). I learned you can’t skip the snacks and entire meal and drink on an empty belly. I love outdoor lighting like that on the back of a porch.


  2. Love the family photo! Your hair looks awesome! And, oh Sandra, we need to get your tolerance back up there. I remember the girl who would pick the darkest, biggest beers on the menu!


    1. Sweet Nat! What fun it was to visit with you dear pal! Yes I hate admitting it only took two glasses to annihilate the rest of the weekend. Gone are my beer swigging days. Let’s meet at the shack soon! Xoxo


    1. Thank you John! I’m certainly out of practice but I also think the bartender was a bit heavy handed. Not a bad thing in the moment of course. 😉


  3. You three are a classy family all the way! Be proud, from tallest to shortest, handsome man to two beautiful ladies.

    You may now high-five the bride! You crack me up, Sandra. Don’t you know fist-bumps are in? (Those are likely way out of style, too, because how the heck would I know what’s in?)

    Switch back to beer, Sandra. You have to drink a lot of beer to get hung over if you pace yourself.


    1. Thank you Mark! You are so kind. Fist bumps you’re right! I should have said now you may potato french fry the bride. Heard that one just the other day! Imagine: Potato=fist bump, fingers=fries. So it’s “Potato” bump “french fries” open fist, wriggle fingers, fade away. Funny, no? Xoxo


      1. There it is. Ding ding ding. We have a winner. You may now potato french fry the bride! I got a very good laugh out of high-five, too, being right in my generation and all, Sandra. xoxo


  4. I like that you don’t have to be so formal now at the wedding. My cousin is taking the walk in November, and I wish I could be there, but…no way I can travel to Pennsylvania in November and be in good enough shape to enjoy a wedding. My heart will be with them though, and Sarah knows that, so all is well. I wish they would stop by here before going on to South America for the honeymoon, but not all wishes come true. I still have my dreams though.


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