Forget It


“No, first the noose then the head, neck, torso and limbs. Guess carefully, a life hangs in the balance. Too many wrong answers and…well…forget it. Let’s play Old Maid instead. The player who ends up with the Old Maid is the loser. Why? Well…because…forget it. It’s time for lunch. I made yummy cheesy grilled eggplant sandwiches! I know you don’t like eggs, no we’re not having eggs. It’s called eggplant but it’s not an egg…or a plant…it’s purple…forget it.”

The hardest part of toddlermommyhood might be having to explain the inexplicable.


9 replies to “Forget It

  1. SHE DOESN’T LIKE EGGS??? Maybe you can scramble up eggplant into eggs like a purple migas? It looks like a nail is stuck through that Old Maid’s bun. Truth be told, if I hadn’t played it as a child and was just seeing it for the first time as a militant feminist (who has time for THAT?), I would think Old Maid was mean and derogatory. She looks happy enough and has fabulous accessories.


    1. No kidding, hermano. And how about trying to explain Elsa in handcuffs on the 5pm news? “Sweetheart it’s not real. I know it looks real, the handcuffs are real, yeah that’s a real cop, and it’s on the news…forget it.” It’s no bother really. Some things in life are inexplicable, right? It’s a good lesson in what will be will be.


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