Old Green Cheese

March 10, 2020

Here’s a tip, when you can’t find the biggest brightest object in the night sky try removing your lens cap before faulting your gear.

“The moon was made of old green cheese

To keep the night at bay.”

-Janis Ian


11 replies to “Old Green Cheese

  1. When I pull out my Canon 5D Mark III and twist the lend hood around my wide angle lens, add my flash, and adjust the diffuser, (usually moving slow and purposefully for the clients who think their cell phone will do just as good), I puff up my chest to be THE hotshot photographer, and it is usually then that I discover I have the camera aimed and ready to shoot with attitude, except I’ve left the lens cover on and now feel foolish! LOL! Great shot of the moon you have there! ❤

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  2. That is a real good tip, Sandra, lol! 🙂 These are fab photos. Not always easy to get a good shot of the moon without blowing out the craters and finer details of the mares – or the cheese mounds 😉

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  3. Back in my misspent youth I was an amateur astronomer. I had a cheap Japanese telescope that I had received as a Christmas gift.
    Since it was early Christmas morning not much by way of celestial bodies on which to test it .

    But in my back yard with my stepfather telling me to just point it at birds, or flowers, or neighbors, I looked up at the sky and saw…

    Wait for it.
    Daytime Moon!
    Even in daytime, I could clearly see beautiful craters and shadows.

    Wonderful post Sandra.
    And that added bonus of Janis Ian…
    Well, we call that ‘added value’.

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      1. It is my pleasure to visit your sight (early and often) before I get too stupid to comment properly. Just Kidding: I am already stupid. Permanent


      2. You’re in good company here Lance. Spell check is against house rules. Impedes the banter. And I speak fluent autocorrect. No worries. Just glad you’re here.

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