The Gardeners

The city of Lincoln, California contracts with these guys every spring. They show up consistently with insatiable appetites for the tall grass and weeds that sprout in the local nature preserves.


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      1. Yes, that’s me, Chris. My favorite time of day is early morning when the day is fresh and new and full of possibilities! Hope you had a great day my friend.

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    1. Good point! I’m a little envious of my husband who went out on a walk early this morning and took better shots of these guys with his mobile phone. They were closer to the fence line/trail and all clumped together so you could see how many it takes to clean the place up. I hope you’re doing well Pete!

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    1. This is about a 20 minute walk from us. Erik, my husband, took a walk there this morning and got better pictures than me on his mobile phone. They were much closer to the trail and packed tightly together so you can really visualize how large the crew is.


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