Great Blue Heron

When you round the curve of this walking trail there’s a puddle of water. During the wet months it’s more of a creek.

I startled a Great Blue Heron when I rounded the corner! He was standing tall near the water. Looking majestic before I disturbed his solitude.

He took to the sky as I cursed my decision to leave the zoom lens at home for a change.

What was I thinking? Well, I never use this short lens and I wondered what kind of shots I might make if I forced myself to try something new.

Severe crop here. Circle back tomorrow for part 2. And take good care!


  1. milfordstreet

    I like your first two shots a lot, Sandra. The blue really stands out. These guys always take off when you try to take their photo. I can’t wait to see what you get tomorrow. More online training today or do you get to play? Have a good day.

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