There’s a house in our neighborhood that has an awesome cactus garden in their front yard. I was telling Nancy from about a cactus that had these beautiful blossoms but when I returned the next day with my camera they had died already. Nature works her ways too quickly at times! Or more accurately, I am too slow.

This isn’t the specimen that was blooming. I just like the look of this aloe. Kind of like an underwater creature from the deep blue sea!


24 replies to “Aloe

  1. That’s a great photo! We have a bunch of aloe too. I’m amazed it does so well in the humidity of the deep south! Love how You describe it. Aloe does look like a sea creature! Thanks for the smile Sandra! I hope Y’all are well!!! 🤗❤️😊

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  2. Aloe is a dichotomy. It’s like, here, let me put my ooze on you to help with that abrasion. But first i’m going to slice you open with my razor parts. And PS here’s more ooze to help you. It’s never ending.

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