American Kestrel

All About Birds tells me this is an American Kestrel, a small falcon.

Polka dots AND stripes, bold move my friend!

35 replies to “American Kestrel

    1. Thank you Ted! My first sighting! I love it’s compact shape and it’s markings are beautiful. I’ll bet your shot in your office is a real winner!


      1. It’s about as good as I could get. Of course he was sitting in a post, a damaged wing, in a rehab and breeding facility. I had all the time in the world LOL.

        We have the biggest raptor rehab and breeding facility in the US outside Charleston. At times they will let photographers visit and shoot.

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  1. I forgot to mention in my post today that we saw 2 (a parent and offspring) 3-toed Woodpeckers yesterday. (Our photos were not good enough to post). They had similarly striped heads (a bit like badgers) and sort of spotty sides and back feathers. It must be the ‘in thing’ this season. 😊 I think you get them in the states and Canada too. Check here for an example or two:

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  2. When I sw the name “Kestral”, I thought it was a bird of prey but it doesn’t look like it. I’m sure it’s mighty fierce to its foes. The coloring and patterns are interesting. Nice capture. I hope your Saturday is going well.

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  3. “Birds, Birds, Birds!. Once I had the gift. I could make love out of words as a potter makes cups of clay. Love that overthrows empires. Love that binds two hearts together come hellfire and brimstone. For six pence a line, I could cause a riot in a nunnery. But, now”

    Not Mocking (Birds)
    I Love your work.

    Here is something I am working on:
    My latest Project:

    “The Abusive Muse.”
    “Wake up!”
    “Wake up!
    “Wake the fuck UP!”
    “Who are you?”
    “Your Muse.”
    “Oh, I thought You That Delirium Tremens Monster.”
    “No. He will be around later. Right now you have me.”
    “Okay. Something on your mind?”
    “Yes. You need to get up and write.”
    “I am sleepy.”
    “Time enough to sleep when you’re dead.”
    “Really? We gonna go there?”
    “Get your ass up; plant your ass on that chair. Hit the keyboard. Write!”
    “Don’t wanna.”
    “’Want’ has nothing, and everything to do with this.”


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