Hidden Grasshopper

If you double click the image you can enlarge to see his eyes. Nature, so cool!


  1. LAMarcom

    Hi Sandra,

    Wonderful Photo.
    Your work always brings out the thoughts swirling around in my mind.
    Hope you do not mind how I interpret your work.

    Just yesterday returned from seven-day rehab….

    “Ah, Grasshopper… the purpose of discipline is to live more fully, not less.”

    This no pity party.
    I just needed to reset my clock.

    And believe me, I took copious notes and am all full of fodder for my next project.
    I shall begin it tomorrow…
    Do hope you will read.
    Look for it in two days, perhaps three…

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    1. Sandra

      Thank you Chris! I seem to be having weird technical problems with WP. My replies aren’t registering and some are posting twice. Strange. I remember replying to your message but it’s not here. So sorry. I love this little grasshopper. He’s so bright!

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      1. Peter Hillman

        I was viewing directly from your site. No problem 🙂 Covid on the rise again towards 2nd wave with more restrictions coming into play here. We are on a rollercoaster now and we all have to see the ride through to the end, I guess. I had a virus in October last year and ended up in hospital, and I am still recovering, kind of. Stuck 50/50 at the moment whilst docs still investigating. Almost eerily like ‘long covid’ like symptoms which are not going away, but was it around that early in reality? I guess only China knows that. Take care there!


      2. Peter Hillman

        I appreciate that very much, Sandra, thank you 🙂 Yes, I have been short of breath since last October, and suffering chronic fatigue, but hoping lung function test will get to the bottom of things. One has to keep pushng on 🙂 Take care.

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  2. LAMarcom

    Do you have any photos of butterflies? (pretty certain you do–just cannot find them) HBO, Help a Brother Out–I need to span any Butterfly Posts you may have. Please forgive me for this premeditated action. But it is important.

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